Music + Audio + Acoustics
Music is everywhere. Streaming services on our laptops and smartphones allow easy access to the ever expanding library of music in the world. Most people listen to music on-the-go using earbuds and headphones. However, direct and long exposure of audio to the ear canal can cause hearing damage, even at moderate volumes over time.
Speakers are great options for people looking to break free from the strain of constant earphone/headphone usage, allowing listeners to enjoy audio that fills the space they occupy. 
Most stereo speakers, however, are not portable and offers little to no options for remote customization of sound signatures. In addition, portable speakers with this customization feature lack the auxiliary options needed for hi-fi audio playback.​​​​​​​
How might we create a set of portable speakers paired with a digital tool to provide an acoustic listening experience without sacrificing quality, stereo imaging?
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